Digital Bolex D16 Camera

wot the cam looks like

So some guys stateside are developing a digital bolex camera like the old 16mm cameras that I am far too young to remember. 16mm film never went out with a bang or a whimper and a lot of people agree that they’ll be a dedicated group shooting film until the end of time.

Five or so years ago me and filmmaker chum Ornsack would try and work out how various HD mediums compared to the 16mm film stocks that we read people like Sam Raimi started out on always hoping something would come along and match it and to be honest we’re happy enough with DSLR’s.

In many ways these days it’s not about the camera but the cameraman and the lighting kit. You can buy a manual camera for under a grand and get brilliant images out of it but of course they have limitations such as the compressed codec it records on too.

I love the idea of shooting RAW and having more colour space is no bad thing when it comes to shooting visual effects or for colour grading. According to Philip Blooms review you’ll get about 10 minutes of footage on a 32gb compact flash or about the same as if you were rolling film which I suppose is like getting nostalgic for a Comadore 64 and being presented with the loading times again ie not the bit you were fond of.

Saying that getting into the discipline of shooting as if on film is no bad thing if it forces people to be more organised about how they shoot. So a camera that shoots RAW sounds very exciting especially if it falls between the DSLRs and the RED price wise as an option for independent features in the next few years. So if you fancy throwing some money at a camera that doesn’t exist yet but would be pretty nifty if it did then check out the kickstarter campaign.

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